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Affordable Termite, Carpenter Ant & Other Pest Control Services

Protect your home and business from insects and rodents by calling A-Eastern Pest Control today. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, annual, and semi-annual contract services. Outdoor power treatments are also available and are guaranteed for the duration of the season.

Let us help you keep pests from invading your home and causing subsequent damage. We offer broad spectrum pest control and can tailor our work to suit your specific needs. Our company uses effective and environmentally safe procedures to treat for the following (but not limited to):

  • Termites*
  • Carpenter Ants*
  • Carpenter Bees*

*See Wood-Destroying

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Stinkbugs
  • Rodents
  • Ladybugs
  • Cave Crickets
  • Roaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Silver Fish
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes



Wood-Destroying Insects

Around $80 billion is spent annually in the United States to repair damage caused by wood-boring insects such as: Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powderpost Beetles, etc.. Each different wood-destroying insect species does a specific sort of damage, so they each require different methods of control. Our methods for control of Termites and other wood-destroying insects help ensure the integrity of your property's structure. We offer FREE estimates and will be happy to discuss your options for low-cost contract availability.



Prevent disease and destruction from spreading in your home due to rodent infestation. We offer treatments that protect your property from field, house, and deer mice, as well as Norway and roof rats. 


Assessments & Guarantees

Take advantage of our offer for a FREE estimate to assess your property. We will work with your schedule to the best of our ability. All services are guaranteed according to the terms of the contract you select with our company.